Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Microsoft Dynamics­CRM is a solution fully suited to the business processes of any organization. It is a CRM platform dedicated to support business processes for client management, both external and internal.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has one of the highest ranks of all CRM solutions, it is able to meet the complex requirements of each industry. It can be used by large, medium and small organizations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more than a dedicated CRM, it's a xRM platform (one platform, many applications), which comprehensively covers customers requirements. It supports: TELCO, banking, insurance, pharmacy, education, commerce and services, manufacturing and public administration sectors.­

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy­ to implement, highly customizable and intuitive to use. It is effective and flexible solution, highly used by companies employees.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM main modules:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Relationship Management
  • Services

Modules can be customized and extended with new features. Microsoft Dynamics CRM suits companies, which not always can use standard business models. It lives and grows together with organization supporting its strategy. Reporting platform is a powerful tool for sales and business development.


Outbox is a Certified Partner of Microsoft CRM.

During annual 2013 Microsoft Partner Strategy conference Outbox has received award for highest number of certified specialists which guarantees quality of our delivery.

This confirms the competence of the company and customer satisfaction. Outbox has a professional team with the experience in complex, integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects and a complete set of all the Microsoft CRM certifications from both the current versions and the previous ones.

Our happy customers include both large organisations like telecommunication operators, banks, insurance companies and also medium and small businesses.

Outbox is committed to continue our efforts the deployment of Microsoft solutions in Poland and Europe. With our experience we design and implement optimal solutions for our customers. We encourage you to contact us and cooperate.

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