Oracle Sales Cloud (Oracle Fusion CRM)

Oracle Sales Cloud (Oracle Fusion CRM)

Oracle Sales Cloud drives smarter sales by helping reps to sell more, managers to know more, and companies to grow more. Oracle Sales Cloud combines a mobile first strategy for sales reps and managers on-the-go with powerful analytics and forecasting, customer insights, and seamless integration with marketing and partners for increased revenue.

Oracle designed its cloud-based CRM solution with the needs of the sales force and sales leaders in mind, providing technology that allows reps to sell more, managers to know more, and companies to grow more.

Reps Sell More

Empower sales reps with the answers they need where and when they need them. Anytime, anywhere access helps reps manage accounts and relationships, grow their own pipeline, and connect with managers and teams. It’s part of a mobile-first strategy designed to free them from administrative tasks and maximize selling time.

Managers Know More

Gain the information edge you need and make it count. Key metrics and reports at your fingertips—without delays and compromises—enable you to forecast and hit your targets with no surprises. Benefit from the power of information, delivered by the information leader, including the ability to visualize, track, and act on trends—even on-the-go.

Companies Grow More

Set the right strategies for growth, because you've got to get it right. Maximize revenue with optimal sales force coverage and incentives that motivate your sales organization. Get more deals and close faster when you harness customer information, channel partners, and marketing.

To boost multichannel sales Outbox has integrated ComposerCPQ with Oracle Sales Cloud. Please see below video:

As an experienced Oracle Sales Cloud implementator and Oracle Partner Network member we are proud to present the Fixed Scope Offering for a Oracle Sales Cloud. It is intended to allow customers to gain an initial understanding of basic implementation scope, duration, and effort. PDF file Download

Outbox offers the following packages and services based on the Oracle Sales Cloud:

  • Oracle Sales Cloud QuickStart Fixed Scope Implementation Offering
  • Order Capture Extension for Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Custom Oracle Sales Cloud Integration Services
  • Oracle Sales Cloud Co-Existence Services

Oracle Sales Cloud QuickStart Fixed Scope Implementation Offering

The economics of the Cloud model demands rapid time to value.­ The traditional waterfall model of CRM delivery projects with long analysis, development and testing phases must make way for a more agile approach, with multiple short delivery phases delivering functionality that can be immediately adopted to bring real business benefits.

To achieve this goal Outbox offers a fixed scope implementation offering, QuickStart, for Oracle Sales Cloud that gets your business up and running on Oracle Sales Cloud in as little as 8 weeks.

Outbox implements Oracle Sales Cloud using the Oracle Unified Method Solution Driven Cloud Application Services Implementation Approach.­ This is Oracle’s own methodology developed especially for implementation of it’s SaaS products.­ It is an iterative approach that can be repeated to manage a multiple-phase roll-out.

Outbox QuickStart service leverages Oracle’s best-practice methodlogy and Outbox’s extensive experience in Cloud CRM implementations.­ We have over 12 references of cloud CRM implementations across multiple industries including Insurance, Automotive, Process Automation, Software, Outsourcing, Hygiene, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Distribution and Pharmaceuticals industries.

[N.B. Case Studies will be prepared and inserted here, including Rhythm Enterprise Oracle Sales Cloud implementation]

Outbox QuickStart defines a fixed scope for the initial pilot phase of the roll-out.­ Further phases of the roll-out can be defined and delivered as further iterations of the methodology, which may include elements excluded from the QuickStart scope.

Fixed scope of the Outbox QuickStart implementation offering:

  • Enablement and configuration of Territory and Quota Management
  • Enablement and configuration of Lead Management
  • Enablement and configuration of Sales forecasting
  • Enablement of pre-defined reports and dashboards
  • Enablement and configuration of Customer Center
  • ­Data import to Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Configuration and mapping of pre-defined user roles to customer organization
  • Enablement and configuration of Social Collaboration
  • Enablement and configuration of CRM desktop

Out of Scope:

  • Data extraction/cleaning from legacy systems
  • Integration with other systems
  • Custom extentions
  • Configuration and enablement of Mobile
  • Configuration and enablement of Incentive Compentation
  • Configuration and enablement of Partner Relationship Management?

Order Capture Extension for Oracle Sales Cloud

Outbox offers a standard Order Capture extension to the Oracle Sales Cloud.

Outbox has leveraged implementation experience from multiple Oracle CRM customer engagements in the Order Capture space, taken a best-in-class, cloud-based CPQ solution – Composer CPQ – and seamlessly integrated it with the Oracle Sales Cloud to extend the sales cycle beyond Leads and Opportunities to include Quotes and Orders.

Our standard integration exposes 5 Composer CPQ services for use in the Oracle Sales Cloud:

Order Capture for Oracle Sales Cloud can be used in multiple business scenarios, from sales reps providing real-time quotes and closing deals using a mobile device in face-to-face customer meetings, to self-service e-commerce, to agent-driven selling.­ Importantly, regardless of the scenario, the quality of the sales process and the consistency of the product and order data will remain the same.

An example business scenario can be seen here:


Order Capture for Oracle Sales Cloud can be delivered in two ways:

  • As a standard extension, delivered as-is;
  • As a configured extension containing your configuration, pricing and quoting process, delivered as an addional service within the scope of our QuickStart fixed scope implementation offering


Custom Oracle Sales Cloud Integration Services

The sales process rarely happens in isolation from the rest of the business.­ Deals typically require fulfillment, billing and customer service, and in many industries it gets a lot more complicated than that.­ This means integrating Oracle Sales Cloud with your legacy technology stack.

Outbox offers Oracle Sales Cloud Integration Services to ensure you can leverage maximum business benefits from Oracle Sales Cloud across your existing IT architecture.

Outbox has project references in integrating both cloud and on-premise CRM solutions with legacy architecture using a range of integration technologies, including:

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • webMethods
  • Tibco
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Mule
  • MetaStorm
  • Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and Camel
  • Fuse ESB

Oracle Sales Cloud Co-Existence Services

For businesses that are not ready to adopt the full set of Oracle Sales Cloud modules at once – either to protect a legacy CRM investment, or to avoid a big-bang operational disruption – the alternative approach is to adopt Oracle Sales Cloud on a module-by-module basis in co-existance with an existing CRM solution.

Outbox offers Oracle Sales Cloud Co-Existance Services to help your business define, design and implement a co-existance scenario between any of the Oracle Sales Cloud modules and your existing CRM solution, including data migration and integration.

Outbox has project references in implementing all of the major CRM solutions on the market, including:

  • Oracle CRM:
    • Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service
    • Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM
    • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We can help you to enhance existing implementations of these solutions by adopting selected modules of Oracle Sales Cloud, or help you to define the path to full migration away from these solutions to embracing the full suite of Oracle Sales Cloud modules.

Please download out info sheet­

Outbox has achieved Specialization in implementing Oracle Sales Cloud and has also received an award from Oracle Poland for our competency in this product.

Our team consists of certified Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) specialists that delivered one of the first Fusion CRM implementations in Europe.

Outbox is one of the first globally ISV partners for Oracle Sales Cloud. We have integrated ComposerCPQ with Oracle solution that boosts sales and unifies customer experience accross all channels. Please see below video: