Privacy policy

Privacy policy

  1. General Provisions

    1. General scope of the Policy

      This Private Policy (hereinafter the „Policy“) determines situations in which Outbox Sp. z o.o., with its seat in Warsaw („Outbox“) may acquire personal data, within the meaning of Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the „Data“) from Users and regulates issues relating to data collection, processing and use, as well as provides information about cookies and other similar technologies.

    2. Applicability

      The Policy shall be binding with regard to all and any web pages handled by OUTBOX. Issues involving Data processing concerning products of services acquired from OUTBOX are regulated on the basis to separate arrangements, regulations and procedures.

    3. Declaration of OUTBOX

      OUTBOX declares that it will make best efforts to ensure relevant level of security for the Data received, as well as it undertakes to perform actions preventing interference into Data of persons the data refers to by third parties.

    4. Request to read the Policy

      OUTBOX asks you to carefully read this Policy, in detail, before starting to use OUTBOX web pages and before making any data available, including the Data. If a given person who intends to use or who uses Outbox web pages (hereinafter referred to in this Policy as „User“) does not give its consent for the collection, use and disclosure of its Data or other Data disclosed by it in the way stipulated in this Policy, it is asked not to use the OUTBOX web pages.

    5. Changes of the Policy

      OUTBOX reserves itself the right to make changes in its Policy. A new content of the Policy shall be binding since the moment it has been published on the OUTBOX corporate web page. A consent given by the User, in accordance with the document hereto constitutes the consent given to OUTBOX.

    6. Administrator

      The Administrator of collected Data shall be OUTBOX, with its seat in Warsaw, at ul. Puławska 182, 02-670 Warsaw, registered in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under No. KRS 213301, TAX ID (NIP): 527-24-47-195, REGON Statistical No.: 015791760, with the initial capital amounting to: PLN 567,000.00.

  2. Cases of Data Acquisition

    1. Contact with OUTBOX and Data Acquisition

      A User may contact OUTBOX directly (including: by phone, e-mail, through live chat at or by using OUTBOX web pages in order to read information concerning organization, programs and services, with no obligation to state his/her personal data. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, personal data of the User will be required by OUTBOX to provide the User with a relevant service or conduct a process demanded by the User.

    2. Specific cases of Data acquisition

      Personal data may be required to be disclosed if the User is interested in ordering a specific service at OUTBOX (e.g. to be sent information on a product or a specific document) or if the User is interested in participation in a specific process or specific event (e.g. participation in recruitment procedure, participation in a conference).

    3. Third Party Data

      If the User discloses third party's data, it declares that it has a relevant authorisation given by such third party for such disclosure, and OUTBOX assumes that the User has got a corresponding authorisation of the person whose data he/she has disclosed.

    4. Purpose of using Data

      Data made available by the User in the aforesaid manner are to be used by OUTBOX only and solely for the purpose of rendering a service ordered by the User, conducting a process or organising participation in an event, subject to item III 2. below.

  3. Principles, scope and objectives of Data processing. Principles of communication

    1. Principles of sending commercial information

      Through stating an e-mail address identifying the User (particularly when stating such e-mail address in a relevant form or a box on the web page), the User gives his/her consent to be directly contacted by OUTBOX or by a third person selected by the User, to the address stated, as well User may give his/her consent for sending commercial information OUTBOX to such address, within the meaning of the Law of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services, in particular information containing a detailed offer of OUTBOX products and services, as well as he/she gives his/her consent to receive marketing and PR materials, newsletters.

    2. Marketing and PR purposes. Provision of services and contract execution

      Personal data and information made available by the User through OUTBOX web pages and those disclosed while participating in a conference, presentation or other event, may be used and processed by OUTBOX: (a) for marketing and PR purposes (if the consent is given), (b) in order to maintain or develop business and commercial relationships, (c) in order to ensure the best execution of contracts and provision of services. In particular, in order to achieve the afore-stated objectives, OUTBOX may contact the User in order to conduct a customer satisfaction survey or market survey.

    3. Recruitment

      OUTBOX recruits new employees and trainees with the use of its corporate web pages, by publishing recruitment offers. OUTBOX uses the personal data acquired in the course of recruitment processes only for the needs of its own recruitment procedure and in the scope determined in the clause involving consent to have personal data processed, the sample of which is each time enclosed to a given recruitment offer. OUTBOX reserves itself the right to use such data also after completion of a given recruitment process in the afore-stated scope. While sending his/her reply to a recruitment offer, the user simultaneously gives his/her consent to have his/her personal data processed by OUTBOX to enable it to undertake actions necessary to execute recruitment processes.

    4. Making data available to third parties

      The Data referred to above may also be made available to selected third parties OUTBOX cooperates with in the scope of marketing and PR and with which OUTBOX cooperates while delivering products and services to its customers. Such entities shall use personal data made available to them only to perform services on behalf and/or in favour of OUTBOX and preserve the confidential character of the User's personal data.

  4. Cookies, system logs and similar technologies

    1. System logs

      Each User's visit on OUTBOX web pages is automatically recorded on a server, in the so-called system logs. In this way, such data as date, time of the visit and IP address are recorded. Data from system logs are used only for the needs of server administration and keeping statistics of visits on web pages.

    2. Cookies and similar technologies

      OUTBOX web pages make use of the so-called cookies, that is, data stored by servers on the User's end device, which servers may read each time the end device is connected. OUTBOX may also use other technologies with functions similar as those of cookies. Information concerning cookies included in the Policy also apply to other, similar technologies used on OUTBOX web pages. Cookies usually contain the name of internet service they come from, period of their storage on the end device and a unique number. Cookies may be stored on the User's end device and then they may be used by external suppliers cooperating with OUTBOX, who deliver, in particular, tools for monitoring service traffic and activity.

      Cookies are used in order to increase the quality of the service, consisting in the following:

      • keeping User's sessions,
      • authorisation of persons using the service,
      • providing Users with personalised commercials,
      • creating viewing statistics,
      • personalising services rendered with the use of the web service.

      OUTBOX web pages use the following types of cookies:

      1. „necessary“ cookies that allow to use services available on the Internet service, for example which enable to use sessions,
      2. „functional“ cookies that allow to 'remember' settings selected by the User and personalisation of User's interface, for example in the scope of selected mobile/classic version, last phrases inserted by the User, appearance of the web page, tab mechanism status etc.
      3. „analytical“ cookies that allow to monitor Users' activity in the Internet service.

      Cookies cannot be used to process or store Data, they do not introduce any configuration changes in the browser or end device and they cannot be used to directly identify the User.

      The User is able to independently determine conditions for using cookies and may - any time - disactivate them with the use of settings available in the browser or service configuration. It should be noted that it may result in the situation in which certain or all web pages are not displayed at all or are displayed incorrectly. In some cases it is possible to set the browser so as it displays each time the enquiry concerning the User's consent for cookies, which - however - may cause slower operation of the browser.

      In order to manage cookies, one should follow instructions found on a selected Internet browser.

      If the User does not change settings concerning cookies, they will be stored on the User's end device and, at the same time, OUTBOX will store the information on the User's end device and have access to it.

  5. Protection of Data by OUTBOX

    OUTBOX implements adequate measures in order to protect the confidential character of personal data and to preserve their integrity. OUTBOX is not responsible for data sent through unsecured connections and by third parties.

  6. Disclosure of Data required pursuant to legal regulations

    In cases stipulated in legal regulations OUTBOX may make personal data available or disclose them to third parties not related to OUTBOX. In particular, OUTBOX may disclose personal data to a third party:

    • at the User's request,
    • in order to comply with legal requirements,
    • in order to execute a court order or administrative decision,
    • in order to verify the alleged crime, in particular the crime involving identity theft,
    • in similar circumstances.

  7. Correction, change and removal of Data by the User

    The User is entitled to familiarise with his/her Data stored by OUTBOX and, if required, may correct or supplement incorrect or incomplete Data or change the Data. Additionally, the User is entitled to require - any time - the OUTBOX to remove his/her personal data from OUTBOX database. To this end, a relevant request to correct, change or remove personal data should be sent to the following address:

  8. References to other web pages

    OUTBOX web pages may contain links to web pages of other enterprises and organizations. We would like to inform that OUTBOX is not responsible for the procedures and mechanisms involving protection of privacy used in those enterprises or organisations or for the content of other web pages.

  9. Notification about changes in the Policy

    Any changes in the Policy should be reported on the OUTBOX web page within 30 subsequent days, in a form of a relevant notification.

  10. Enquiries and complaints concerning protection of privacy

    Possible enquiries and complaints concerning the way OUTBOX processes personal data should be sent to the following address: