Can CRM Really Drive the Cross‑Channel Customer Experience?

We have entered an era of customer empowerment driven by internet user growth, smartphone adoption, social media, rapid commoditization and increasing global competition. 

With this empowerment has come expectation.  Customers have never been so willing to drop a supplier on the basis of one poor experience, and then tell as many people as they can.

Customer Experience (CX) is therefore becoming a critical competitive battleground as it remains one of the few differentiators that are still hard to copy from a competitor, so innovation and investment can give a real competitive advantage.



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Outbox White Paper on "Can CRM Really Drive the Cross‑Channel Customer Experience?" contains:

  • Analysis of the CX value proposition
  • Analysis of CX as a driver for customer loyalty
  • Discussion on the impact of social media
  • CX and customer service
  • The Cross‑Channel Customer Experience model
  • Recommended Customer Experience Components for:
    • Offer Management
    • Customer Management, Sales and Marketing
    • Service Management
  • Customer Success Story