Social Media

Social Media


We are all inter-connected more than ever before.

Social Media gives you great opportunities:

  • Listening in real time
  • Establishing new contacts
  • Building new relations
  • Active presence on the market
  • Targeting right market segments

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the world’s first unified social marketing suite that turns insights into action that drive real business results and turn connections into customers for life. There are three key areas of activity that companies that are successful in include within social marketing.

  • Listening: understanding what is happening across 400+ million sources of content about your brand, competitors, and industry
  • Publish: Creating compelling social presences that drive engagement and activity across paid, owned, and earned channels.
  • Social Ads: creating ads and targeting customers based on demographics and activity on social.

The foundation of a great Social Marketing Strategy starts with Social Listening.

With Radian6 you can get actionable insights from over 400 million social data sources – the public areas of Facebook & Linkedin, community sites, blogs and forums, and more.­ We are also one of the few companies with a direct relationship with Twitter, to get all 400 million tweets per day in real-time

Radian6Listening capabilities help you understand:

  • ­­Which channels are important to your industry and community
  • ­Create analytics and KPIs to understand your performance on social channels
  • ­­Who influences your industry and why they are important
  • ­­What your customers and key influencers care about

This will help you uncover marketing opportunities and help you target the channels that your industry cares about with content that your buyers are interested in.

And when you find actionable conversations you can engage and respond.

Once you have started listening across social channels you are ready to begin publishing content that will be more meaningful to your target audience.

Social Publishing capabilities in Buddy Media help you:

  • Publish and manage your news feeds and streams on Facebook, Twitter, LInkedin and Google+
  • Monitor your owned social channels and respond to those conversations.
  • Create social content that encourages action
  • Grow connections with easy to use social applications (e.g. contests, photo galleries, video and more)
  • Manage, reuse, and share social marketing assets across your various social presences globally
  • Extend great content for use on your traditional website

After developing an understanding of the content that is resonating with customers, many customers want to amplify that content with social advertisements. is our ads platform. It helps brands and agencies power campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. It give companies the ability to amplify their own compelling content, PLUS the content created by their community and advocates. helps you:

  • Reach customers based on their social persona and their social activity
  • Optimize social marketing budget in real time, based on which campaigns are converting into high quality leads.
  • Target specific campaigns based on interests, demographics, and other social KPIs (Example: target fans by zip code OR an interest in the World Champion San Francisco Giants)

If you are interested how social tools can support the growth of your business please contact us and we will arrange a session for you in our Social Showroom.­

If you want to know more about ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Radian6, Buddy Media or Pardot, please contact us.